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Eshwarappa Launches India’s first HCPV Solar Power Plant

According to reports, India’s first Solar HCPV power plant and LED street light was inaugurated at Kollur by state BJP president and deputy chief minister K S Eshwarappa here on Wednesday October 17. The programme was jointly organized by Kollur zilla and panchayats and Shri Mookambika Temple.

“The major issue facing Karnataka in recent days has been electricity, and the only solution to improve the current situation is to generate more electricity from the available resources. We should think about generating electricity from solar, wind and water. One such measure has been introduced and inaugurated today. It is a matter of pride to the state,” he said, adding that solar is a better source for electricity than water.

He appealed to union minister for corporate affairs and power Dr Veerappa Moily to release grants to Karnataka, as this is his birth place and he has certain responsibilities towards his state.

“It is a great thing that the union minister is from Karnataka and he is the ultimate person to solve the problem, not as a Congressman but as a Kannadiga. BJP has introduced solar electric systems of 5,000 MW at Bellary, 1,500 MW in Raichur and 1,000 MW in Udupi. A 40,000 MW project has been sectioned to national thermal power corporation at Bijapur, but the work is progressing very slow,” he said, urging the central government to speed up the work.

High Concentrated Solar Power Plant (HCPV) can produce 3 to 4 units of electicity per day and can efficiently store 6-8 units. This can be used to operation 70 LED lights.

The system was installed Kollur at a cost of Rs 13.57 lac, out of which Rs 2 lac to Rs 2.5 lac was used to provide electricity to houses. Four fans, 8 lights, a refridgerator and a television can run on this system. Soon, solar-wind hybrid system will be added to this plant and electricity will be availble for 360 days.

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