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Odisha woos investors to invest in solar energy

According to reports, energy minister Arun Sahu today invited the investors from all across the country to invest in the state for producing renewable energy.

There is enough scope to generate solar power in the state, which can be used as alternative energy to meet the demand of the consumers. The investors should come to the state to produce solar energy, he said while inaugurating a solar conference here.

Efforts are on by the state government to fulfill the gap in demand and supply of electricity by installing more generating capacity in the renewable energy sector as well as conventional sector, he added

He also gave importance to reserve the depleting fossil resources for the next generation by adopting cleaner projects, such as, solar, small hydro etc, which will go a long way in terms of reducing green house gas.

Present on the occasion, chairman of Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) SP Nanda said that the Commission has given more importance to scalability in terms of roof-top projects giving reference to the recently commissioned 10kwp roof-top project on OERC building on net-metering concept.

Also present on the occasion, BK Misra, member of OERC said the regulator had given more stress on creating a very amicable platform for investment in green projects in the state.

The OERC member recommended major companies including Nalco, Hindalco and Vedanta to go for large roof-top projects in their smelter plants for captive usage and to fulfill their RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligation) and to sell surplus power to other entities for fulfilling their RPO.

JB Pany, president of TiE Bhubabneswar proposed a wish list for solar industry development in Odisha and submitted it with the state government.

He requested the state government to give importance to manufacturing of solar equipments to bring down the cost through economies of scale.

Speaking about the formation of Odisha Green Power Corporation Ltd (OGPCL), Sahadeb Khatua, Managing Director of Odisha Hydro Power Corporation (OHPC) said that OGPCL, as a subsidiary will promote solar and other renewable energy projects to promote green and clean energy projects in Odisha on a large-scale.

OHPC has a plan to do 22.5MW solar project in one of its hydro project locations. The corporation is having talks with the water resources department to have solar projects on the canals of Odisha for multiple benefits.

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