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Pune’s carbon footprint report next week

According to reports, New Delhi based The Energy Research Institute (TERI) will submit its final report on Pune’s carbon footprint to the Pune municipal corporation next week.

The civic body, as part of its mission to address climate change by calculating the city’s carbon emission, planned to measure the impact of human activities on the environment to find out the amount of greenhouse gases produced. TERI was roped in for the project.

Mangesh Dighe, the PMC’s environment officer said that the TERI has completed the report and will submit it to the PMC next week. He added that the report will be discussed in the general body meeting and the PMC will initiate steps as per recommendations in the report.

“The carbon inventory included urban activities within the administrative boundaries of the civic body were considered while estimating carbon emissions. The inventory included carbon emission from energy consumption, municipal waste disposal sites and sewage transport thorough pipelines” said Dighe. Fossil energy consumed in Pune in residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, municipal services and utilities was accounted for to estimate the carbon emission. It is necessary to know how much fossil fuels are being burnt during urban activities to reduce the load of more extreme weather.

Climate change is being felt in many ways like floods, heat waves, change in weather patterns and droughts. To reduce the possibility of more extreme weather, it is necessary to know how much fossil fuels are being burnt. The total carbon which individuals are responsible for is called carbon footprint.

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