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Garbage plant to produce power in Delhi, CNG

According to reports, with the Ghazipur landfill site unable to take in more municipal waste, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) has started work on building two plants at the site — one to generate electricity and another to generate CNG  — using garbage. Work of covering the landfill site with soil has started, EDMC officials said.

Planners will place pipes all along the landfill site. Methane gas will be collected from the decomposing garbage and deposited at the CNG plant.

The project, which is a recent addition to the plan of redeveloping the landfill site, will be completed by March 2013.

By the year-end, a plant to make refuse-derived fuel (RDF) will be constructed. It will convert garbage to fuel.

Part of the plan by the corporation is to reclaim one-third of the 31-acre land to make space for the electricity plant that will generate 16 mw electricity.

The work of reclaiming the land has however, hit a roadblock, as east Delhi does not have another landfill site to dump garbage. Hence, parts of the site is being kept open for waste disposal.

The site contains 46 lakh metric tonnes of garbage that will be segregated and used for generating energy.

The entire waste will take about 10 years to empty and will cost about R25 crore. Spread across 31 acres and in operation since 1984, the Ghazipur landfill site has remained saturated for the last few years. The average height of the landfill site is 25.5 metre, while at some point, it touches 30.5 metre.

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