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Shobha paints bleak power picture in Karnataka-cites deficit rainfall and low wind

According to reports, compared to last year, the state may face a severe power crisis this year, following deficit rainfall and low wind velocity.

For production of electricity, the state mainly depends of wind power from September to December, but for the past one week, wind velocity has drastically decreased, minister for energy Shobha Karandlaje told reporters here on Wednesday.

Last year during this period, 1,500MW was produced every day through wind power but for the past one week, only around 200MW a day is being produced, she added.

Providing sufficient electricity this year is a challenging task, she said. The state has been hit by drought for the second consecutive year, and this is the worst situation in the past 40 years, with water level in dams fast dropping. Last year, there was 96% water in Linganamakki dam, but this year it is down to 80%. Water in Supa dam stands at 56% while Mani has only 60%, Shobha said.

Listing another problem, she said: “For the past week, we could not use coal properly for power boilers because we were getting slurry coal, which is almost like a paste, from the northeast region following heavy rain there.”

Asked how the power crisis will be managed, she said the government has been purchasing power from other states and a tender has been floated to purchase another 750MW. “We are not getting 750MW, but will get 250MW from Gujarat after January,” she said.

Power production units in Bellary, Udupi and other small power production units will stabilize the power crisis in December, she stated.

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