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Model solar power house in Mysore

According to reports, at a time when we are facing enough power crises, this is perhaps the best way to make you self-sufficient. Tapping into solar energy, this senior citizen C K Ninan, a resident of T K Layout in Mysore has set up a model unit that generates 4-5 units of electricity a day that is taking care of lighting, fan and television load.

Just few days after installation of 1KW capacity of solar panel, this mechanical engineer (rtd) is aiming for put in higher capacity panels to tap more energy which can be used mixer and refrigerator, which requires more power. Perhaps he is the first individual in Mysore to start using renewable energy.

The senior citizen who started producing energy from sunlight from September 12 is a happy man now. “I always want to be a different kettle of fish and stand apart from others by do something new. And if my actions are good to nature why not, he asks.

“I am doing my bit to nature in my own way. First I started using battery vehicle since three years and then started using bio-fuel in my four-wheeler since few months. Now I am tapping power from sunlight,” explains Ninan, whose family members have always encouraged him in eco-friendly initiatives.

Ninan’s power requirement is nearly 19 units per day and with this facility, the power consumption has come down to 14 plus units, which means he is saving 4-5 units a day and about 120-150 units a month. He is waiting for the power bill to calculate the savings in money. Ninan is spending nearly Rs 2900 every month on power bills and a major share of power consumption was going for recharge of his electric car.

Ninan decided to generate solar power in April, this year, and then contacted Global renewable energy and power Inc (GREPI), a Mysore-based firm, which helped Ninan to install the facility within few months. He was introduced to the people in the firm by one of his friends. Ninan has spent nearly 2.2 lakh to create the solar facility.

What made him to go for solar power? Ninan says frequently the power rates are being revised and going by the current power crisis in state, no doubt if the power price spiral towards north in the coming days. Therefore I decided to tap energy from sunlight. According to Ninan, the solar panels have lifespan of over two-and-half decades.

The green enthusiast says the governments offer subsidy to install the facility but he hasn’t approached them because, Ninan says he has to grease his palms for it. He claims both central and state governments provide 30 pc each subsidy whereas the state subsidy is high by 5 pc in Gujarat and may be in Tamil Nadu where a number of individuals are taping solar power.

GREPI Chief executive officer C N Sridhar says to the best of my knowledge Ninan is the first individual in Mysore to tap energy from sunlight. We are the pioneers in the field in Mysore and have about 6 individual projects – two in Mysore and four in Bangalore in the pipeline. Before installing panels site survey will be done to analyze availability of sunlight at multiple spots and take complete picture of the day. Here they have created laid two separate lines – one to inverter to convert direct current to alternate current to use power directly in the day time and another to battery for use of power during the night. Using 1000 watt panel, one can produce 6 units power daily if they get at least six hours of sunlight and minimum power generation is 2-3 units. Though I am in the field since few years I could not install the facility at my home because I stay in rented house.

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