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Delhi Govt mulls subsidy for eco-friendly battery rickshaws

According to reports, commuting to a metro station will soon be a comfortable and environment-friendly affair with the introduction of new rickshaws that will run on battery or solar energy.

To promote the use of these environment-friendly rickshaws, the Delhi government’s environment department will offer subsidy to manufacturers so that these are available to operators on low prices

According to sources, a draft of the proposal for providing subsidy is being put together by the environment department. Sources further said that a subsidy of approximately Rs. 7,000 or 10,000 would be given by the environment department after which the rickshaw will cost Rs. 20,000 instead of the market price of Rs. 30,000.

“A government energy research body informed us that they have come up with environment-friendly rickshaws that run on solar energy. We want to promote and incentivise the use of such rickshaws in the city,” said a senior Delhi government official. Sources said the subsidy is part of  government’s plan to replace the existing cycle rickshaws with battery-operated eco-friendly rickshaws.

Some of these rickshaws can be seen at India Gate, Connuaght Place and a few Metro stations. “Some of them are already operational. They are zero emission vehicles and have advanced technical features. The speed of the vehicle is 25km/hr,” the official added.

Officials pointed out that since these rickshaws do not have a speed of more than 25km/hr and has a motor less than 250kw, they do not fall under the purview of Motor Vehicles Act. Therefore, there is no need for vehicle registration or a driver’s licence.

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