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UPS to power Avinashi Road, Coimbatore signals during outages

According to reports, the city police have started work to install power back-up on Avinashi Road to ensure that the traffic signals work even during the power cuts.

The scheduled and unscheduled power cuts have been affecting the functioning of traffic signals on this stretch, which is declared a signal-free corridor. During the outages, the police have to regulate traffic manually, which fail the whole purpose of having signal- free green corridors.

Several vehicles travel pass through Avinashi Road and it’s important for the traffic signals to working all time to avoid traffic chaos, said T Senthil Kumar, deputy commissioner, crime and traffic. “To ease the inconvenience caused to the motorist, the city police have decided to link the signals to a UPS system, with the help of sponsors. Three signals with the UPS system have already been fixed and these are functioning well at Anna Statue, LIC and Upplilipalayam junction,” he said. Two more junctions will soon have UPS-supported traffic signals, he said

There are 13 signals on Avinashi Road, which will now have power back-up. The facility can support the signals for more than three hours, Senthil said. At a few other signals solar panels have been put up, which would power traffic signals, he added.

In the next phase, power back-up will be provided to at least eight signals on Mettupalayam Road. Preliminary work towards it will begin soon, but implementation will depend on the success of the initiative on Avinashi Road.

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