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Time Of Day metering first step to smartgrid in India

According to reports, smart use of electricity and strict implementation of Time of Day metering are the ways out for growing cities like Bangalore which face frequent power outages.

On the sidelines of a meeting on Wednesday at the Indian Institute of Science on energy access and functions of regulatory bodies, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission chairman Pramod Dev said: “Time of day metering is a signal to consumers that during the two peak times in a day – morning and evening, electricity is expensive and they have to pay more for consuming more than required or use it efficiently. This sends messages to industrial consumers how to plan their peak activities when electricity is cheap. When smart grids will take over, even domestic consumers will not use all their electrical appliances between 6pm and 10pm if not necessary as the cost is highest then.”

Dev explained that the TOD regime would also help distribution companies recover losses. “For historical reasons, electricity has been cheap and consumers criticize any tariff hike. Distribution companies should be allowed to recover losses. Going by the 2003 amendments in the Electricity Act, CERC stipulates the introduction of the concept of market and treating electricity as a commodity,” he said.

Dev said it was in the process of forming two corridors – solar corridor in the west and wind in southern states. “This means the solar and wind projects in these states will be aligned and power generated from these renewable energy units will be pooled into the grid. When the southern grid is connected to the northern grid by 2014, these two corridors will solve the renewable energy access crisis in all states. Tamil Nadu generates 5000MW of wind power and Karnataka comes second and the north produces more hydro power. If there’s a shortage of power in any state, transfers in the lines to take loads can happen automatically,” he said.

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