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Cleantech opens new cooperation between India, Finland

According to reports,  Clean technology has become a key driver for India-Finland economic and innovation cooperation, with Finnish companies providing expertise in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy and water treatment.

According to Cleantech Finland, an umbrella initiative that promotes wide range of expertise that the northern European nation has in these areas, the Finnish companies have so far invested over one billion euro in India, offering a broad palette of products, services and technologies that reduce negative impact on the environment.

The companies, including Ensto, Chempolis, Kemira have already started up their expansion plans in India to promote the concept of energy efficiency, sustainability and water purification technologies with a minimal impact on environment.

In 2002, there were 30 Finnish companies operating in the Indian market. Today, almost hundred Finnish companies are directly present in India, and another hundred are exporting to the Indian

market or operating in India via agents. In addition, many Finnish SMEs are evaluating business environment pan-India and looking for business partners in areas such as clean technology and energy.

Highlighting the sustainability issue that plagues the erratic supply of power in India, Erkki Juhani Hovilehto, president, Ensto India operations, said: “India is facing various problems in regard to power transmission and distribution and the country needs to find a way out so that people get to use energy efficient products to survive in sustainable environment.”

“India is at the peak for demand and consumption of electricity and with demand expected to amplify by around 500% over the next four decades. Through our energy efficient solutions in the power distribution, we intend to bridge the expanding demand-supply gap in the Indian power sector,” Hovilehto added.

India’s electricity sector has the highest transmission and distribution losses in the world. By reducing transmission and distribution losses, more electricity from the existing installed capacity could be brought into the grid.

“By adopting different energy conservation measures through efficient management, energy related pollution and emissions can be limited and more energy made available for economic productivity.

“Our ultimate aim is to upgrade outdated transmission and distribution systems, reduce electricity losses and work towards the deployment of smart grid technologies with full force in India,” said Ensto.

Reiterating the fact that Finland offer enormous business opportunities in India’s booming market, Pasi Rousu, President, Chempolis (Asia Pacific) said: “The business potential in India is remarkable. India has a wealth of biomasses that could be utilized more efficiently.”

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