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India Has Estimated Potential for 19,750 MW of Small Hydro Power Projects

The Minister of New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah a couple of days ago informed Rajya Sabha that India has an estimated potential of about 19,750 MW of Small Hydro Power (SHP) projects. So far, 898 SHP projects with an aggregate capacity of 3411 MW have been set up and 348 projects aggregating to 1309 MW are under implementation.

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy ensures performance testing of all the plants for their functionality. He said that the Setting up of small hydro projects comes under the purview of State Governments. Potential sites are either developed by the state or allotted to private developers for setting up of projects.

During the 11th Plan, a capacity of 1419 MW was added against 536 MW during the 10th Plan. A capacity addition of 2100 MW from SHP projects has been planned during the 12th Five Year Plan. The minister informing the House said his Ministry is providing Central Financial Assistance (CFA) to set up small / micro hydro projects both in public and private sectors.

Financial support is also given to the State Government for identification of new potential sites including survey and preparation of DPRs, and renovation and modernization of old SHP projects. It also helps the State Governments in formulating their policies for the development of small hydro projects and exploitation of this potential. India has adequate capabilities of setting up small hydro projects. The Government has not sought assistance from any developed country to set up small hydro projects, he added.

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  1. Can MNRE / state REDL answer following few questions:

    a). Irrespective of center or state govt, MNRE and its nodal agencies REDL in respective states MUST work as single team with arms with accountability
    b). like in Coal block allocations, these mini hydro power projects were allotted to their punters with nepotism 15 to 20 years ago with fictitious DPRs wherein water can’t come or Forest land is a barrier etc or the promoters were politicians who did not understand ‘H” of hydro and even today they are unable to generate 1 kwh energy (no criminal action taken for hindrance of project development in INDIA and wastage of MNRE/REDL money i.e public / tax payers money to allot and follow up etc), instead are waiting for Commission or cut or premium (as said in PE guy’s terminology) to sell the project equity, instead of being real promoters of a company or technology or Project developers. Thus, MCA, MNRE, REDL must take criminal action against these developers who got plant sanctioned with nepotism (like in COALGATE) which needs a judicial enquiry…. how DPR’s were certified by MNRE or REDL and why waited for 15 to 20 years with extension letters on flimsy ground without verifying the bankability of the project or finance capability of the promoter or technical competence of promoter or his team of professionals.. this is also a scandal….. few Hyderabad based civil contractors (with MLAs or MLCs in their family tree) have 4 to 5 project sanctions, without generating a single kwh, but, have projects in Sikkim and North East with wrong money too…. This will be a scandal too….. now the same situation in J & K and Himachal pradesh too….

    c). I had written to KREDL (before they cancelled many projects), but, needs a judicial probe with technical / commercial / environmental feasibility report accepted (mindlessly) and sanctioned the projects, which even after 15 to 20 years could not materialised !! Project Promoter, their credentials, Officers who evaluated and sanctioned need to answer this nation for no GDP growth and not providing the basic infrastructure (after allotment in the name of benefit for common people)….. Let this be a scandal to be probed in line with COALGATE.

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