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Power cut in Tamil Nadu likely to continue

According to reports, it is back to nearly 10 hours of power cut a day in Coimbatore.

Almost the entire city has faced eight to 10 hours of power cut a day for the last two days, including load shedding during night hours. The industries are facing minimum five hours of power cut for the last two weeks.

An official of the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation here says the power cuts are expected to continue till wind energy generation picks up. If the winds are good on Thursday, the situation may improve.

Otherwise, load sheddings are expected to continue. Generation and supply from the thermal stations have declined because of several factors. There is no water in the hydro stations. However, the load growth is tremendous. There will be relief when wind energy generation goes up, the official says.

According to data available on the Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation website, load shedding in the State on Wednesday morning was to the tune of 3,182 MW and wind energy generation was just 651 MW. On Tuesday evening, wind energy generation was 3,181 MW.

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