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Wind generation at an all time high of 4000MW -comes to rescue of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation last month, blamed the increase in unscheduled load shedding on the sudden decline in power generation from wind mills.Power generation from wind mills fell from 3,575 MW on Friday (July13) evening to 147 MW on early hours of Monday(July16).

TANGEDCO officials have earlier said that a power generation of at least 3,000 MW from wind mills was needed to manage the power grid without increased load shedding. 

On June 16 and 17, the wind velocity dropped to its minimum generating just 15 million units of power against the average daily generation of 75 million units. Following the power shortage due to this sudden dip in the wind, the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited appealed to residents to bear any unscheduled power cuts. The situation had raised concerns among consumers, especially industries in the Coimbatore circle who were largely affected by the unscheduled power cuts.

But regaining strength the strong winds blowing through the Palakkad gap helped to operate the windmills to its maximum capacity and generate about 3000 MW of energy on Wednesday and 3500 MW last month.

According to officials, following the outage at Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS), power supply to the state from the central pool has been stopped. “Though state is entitled for 330 MW from the central pool, we have been getting only 230 MW. Now that too has been stopped,” a senior Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) official said.

The TNEB official said if the problem continued for more than three days, the state was in for a power crisis. “In spite of the southwest monsoon being a failure, we are able to handle the situation with wind energy, which was 4,000 MW as on Sunday,” said the official. However, TNEB officials are wary of banking on wind energy completely.


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