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Tirupur boy comes out with eco-friendly green cab

According to reports, a 26-year-old youngster of Tirupur has designed an eco friendly cab, a modified cycle rickshaw, that can run manually or be operated with battery. The three-seater vehicle can run a maximum speed of 45 km per hour and will utilise solar energy to charge its batteries.

The vehicle can also be pedalled and the mechanical energy will be saved to the battery, explains the designer of the cab, Sivaraj Muthukumaran, who on Saturday exhibited his invention to find a place in India Book of Records.

Explaining the mechanism of the vehicle, Muthukumaran said that the vehicle will weigh less than 120 kg and can be pedalled. Two batteries used for cars will be fitted in the vehicle and these batteries will be linked to solar panels in the vehicle.

The mechanical energy generated through pedalling will also be saved to the battery. Besides, the batteries can be recharged through the direct current, he says.

The vehicle will not emit smoke and is easy to maintain. Further it will be ideal to translocate students and others travelling for short distances.

Patent and finishing works for the green vehicle is underway and it will soon hit the market. The vehicle can be provided free of cost or at subsidised rates to serve the disabled, adds the youngster who has a master degree in business administration.

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  1. A very good news. “Water fed at the right timeto quench the thirst.” This is a marvellous invention, more, especially when the word is reeling under “fuel crisis” I convey my great appreciations to Mr Muthukumaran who have engineered this cab. Mr Muthukumarn has set a trend for others by demostrating his innovative capabilities. Mr Muthukumaran should pursue with the Governmental authorities, obtain the patent and soon try to bring the vehicle in the indian market.

    My best wishes

    s venkataraman

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