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Indian Oil urges dealers to run petrol bunks using solar power

According to reports, the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd has urged its dealers to run petrol pumps on solar energy as part of a nationwide green initiative.

The oil company had recently organized a seminar-cum-demonstration on solar based energy solutions followed by a pilot demonstration at a company-owned company-operated petrol station in Pune. Nearly 50 dealers who operate fuel stations in rural areas, where load shedding is a daily reality, participated in the event.

Shyam Bohra, Chief Divisional Retail Sales Manager , Pune, said, “Converting to solar power is the answer to fighting the menace of load shedding. By doing this, the dealer will not only save on the recurring costs of electricity and generator expenses but will also ensure continued and uninterrupted supply to the customers.”

Narendra Gangakhedkar, Manager, Xtrareward, IOCL-Pune, said that switching to solar energy would not only free from them of load shedding but also help save over 70 per cent on their electricity and DG set bills.

The presentation showcased how the dealers can save over 70 per cent of the energy bill by switching to solar, and also claim dual benefits of 30 per cent Government subsidy and 80 per cent depreciation benefit.

Srinergy-Sharvani, a US-based company selected by IOCL to conduct the demonstration, has already installed solar PV systems at IOCL fuel station in Nashik district.

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