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Indian Solar Action Forum proposed

According to reports, the creation of a pan-solar industry body of professionals called ‘Indian Solar Action Forum (I-SAF) has been mooted.

Industrialists and corporate executives, who attended a photovoltaic manufacturing summit in Gurgaon, Delhi, have mooted the I-SAF with an objective “to build an actionable agenda with a charter to expand India’s solar economy significantly.”

I-SAF aims to bring together government departments, energy development agencies, power utilities, manufacturers, EPCs, system integrators, project developers, research bodies, quality testing centres, academic institutions, banks, finance and insurance companies, trading companies, NGOs and foreign governments through their respective embassies and trade centres.

For the purpose, as the first step, a group named Indian Solar Action Forum has been created on professional networking website

Apart from becoming a platform for greater interaction, the forum aims to create a large knowledgebase with case studies and white papers based on solar companies’ experiences with different technological, financial and marketing solutions.

One of the related objectives is to educate the market and create awareness among the end-users on the commercial advantages that could be gained through adoption of quality solar energy solutions.

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