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Madhya Pradesh to recieve 25MW solar power

According to reports, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was signed between MP Power Management Company and MK Solar Energy (MP) private limited at Jabalpur on Friday. Now, Madhya Pradesh will get 25 MW solar power.

The PPA was signed in the presence of the company’s managing director Manu Shrivastava, executive director ( Investment Promotion Cell) Rajesh Mehta and Ankur Kumar on behalf of MK Solar Energy.

MK Solar Energy Private Limited is establishing a 25 MW solar power plant at village Bagheli in Rajgarh district. Madhya Pradesh will start receiving 25 MW power from this plant from September 2013. According to state government authorities, per unit tariff of solar power has been fixed at Rs. 8.05, which will remain effective for 25 years.

Company’s managing director said the MoUs have been also signed as per norms of Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission with three private sector companies while power purchase agreement has been signed with Solar Energy (MP) private limited, Gurgaon. PPAs will soon be signed with remaining two companies including Welspun and Majorware group.

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