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LED bulbs to be sold at half the market price by Delhi Utility

According to reports, People in the city can now buy environment-friendly and energy-efficient LED bulbs at almost half the market rate.

Power distribution company BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd today launched a scheme under which LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs will be sold at Rs 399 each against a market price of Rs 700 to 800.

The Delhi Government has been pushing for usages of environment-friendly LED bulbs in the city after finding it difficult to dispose of fused CFL bulbs which contain toxic mercury.

Inaugurating BYPL’s new scheme ‘Light Life’, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit termed LED technology as the future of lighting and called upon Deliihites to switch over to it.

“LEDs are the future of lighting as unlike CFLs, they contain zero mercury and arsenic and save around 50 per cent more electricity than even CFLs. Such initiatives will go a long way in conserving energy,” Dikshit said.

The Chief Minister said government was also working out “economic packages” to encourage use of LED bulbs.

CFL (compact fluorescent lamp), an advanced lighting device that is highly energy-efficient, contains mercury, a hazardous material, and the city does not have any system for proper disposal of broken or fused CFLs.

Explaining the dynamics of the scheme, a BRPL official said the scheme is open to all Delhiites and not just restricted to BRPL customers.

BRPL CEO Gopal Saxena, speaking on the occasion, said the discom has launched the scheme as part of efforts to promote energy conservation.

“Till now LEDs were perceived to be very expensive. This initiative breaks the price barrier and makes LEDs available for the citizens of Delhi at unbelievable prices,” he said

BRPL has tied-up with Sahasra Electronics, a leading exporter and supplier of LED products to global lighting majors, including Philips and Tyco Electronics, for making available LED bulbs at low rates.

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