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Prepare for unscheduled power cuts, advises TANGEDCO

According to reports, the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) has appealed to electricity consumers to bear with unscheduled power cuts as there is a sharp decline in wind power production coupled with poor hydro power generation due to delay in the onset of the Southwest monsoon.

In an official release here, the TANGEDCO said that as on July 16, the wind energy had drastically reduced to 16 MU from the normal level of 75 MU per day, with a minimum generation of just 365 MW.

“This is unforeseen during the peak wind season, during which the normally expected generation is 3,500 MW since the installed capacity is 7,000 MW as of now. On July 17, the wind generation further reduced to a meager 125 MW,” the TANGEDCO said.

Wind generation that picked up during May continued to increase. However, during the last week of June the quantum started reducing, though the grid was manageable.

Also, the hydro power availability is not favourable due to poor storage in the reservoirs on account of the delayed onset of monsoon, the electricity corporation noted.

“Hence, the consumers are requested to bear the inconvenience due to unscheduled load shedding because of the supply and demand gap,” TANGEDCO appealed.

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  1. Reports from TNEB say that wind energy has boosted again to 62 MILLION UNITS on 18th July and to 65 MILLION UNITS on 19th July and that load shedding has been reduced.

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