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Wind power holds the key to load shedding in Tamil Nadu

According to reports, wild fluctuation in wind generation has led to steep rise in load shedding, according to the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO)

Giving details of wind energy generation and its contribution to overall generation during June 21 to 26, the TANGEDCO, in a release, stated that the wind generation varied from 1,300 MW to 3,800 MW.

In terms of million units (MU), the share of wind energy had reduced from 82 MU on June 24 to 59 MU on June 26.

As grid discipline had to be maintained, the quantum of load shedding went up. On June 24 (7.50 a.m.), the quantum of load shedding was 1,418 MW whereas it went up to 2,574 MW two days later.

The State met an all-time ‘sustained’ peak demand of 11,283 MW at 6.30 p.m. on June 26 with a wind generation of 3,830 MW and no load shedding throughout the State at that time.

The record energy consumption of about 244 MU was reached on June 20.

The truant south-west monsoon and the delay in the commencement of discharge of water from the Mettur dam for irrigation contributed to reduced hydro generation, which, in turn, meant the availability of less power.

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  1. Viswanathan.K.N

    The record energy consumption IN TamilNadu has been on Friday, 6th July 2012, with consumption being 245MUs.

    Wind energy generation contributed for nearly one-third of the total consumption, as wind generation on that day was 78MUs (32% of total consumption).

    TamilNadu is comfortable during the wind season because of promototion wind energy sector and because of attractive policies like lesser wheeling charges, allowing of banking scheme, etc.

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