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Telcos write to Renewable energy cos in India; offer to take entire wind,solar output

According to reports,  accused of damaging environment with excessive use of diesel generators in hinterlands to run their towers and causing radiation, telcos have written to renewable energy producers (Rescos) offering to draw their complete output.

Leading the charge are the apex telecom industry bodies–GSM operators body Coai and CDMA lobby Aupsi–which have jointly placed a power purchase order with seven Rescos to power as many as 1 lakh telecom towers, in their effort to bring down carbon emission from diesel-fired generators.

“The umbrella body of telecom tower companies, Tower & Infrastructure Providers Association (Taipa), had two months ago sent a request for proposal (RFP) to seven Rescos like Moser Bayer and ABB among others informing their readiness to buy their entire generation to power our 1 lakh towers,” Cellular Operators Association of India (Coai) Director General Rajan S Mathews told PTI here over the weekend.

The Taipa representatives could not be contacted despite repeated attempts. On their response, Mathews said though the initial response was positive, these power companies have some doubts about the viability of such projects and that they are in talks with companies to iron out the issues.

Telecom towers, which are over 1 lakh together, burnt diesel worth over Rs 12,500 crore last fiscal to run generator sets to supply power to towers raising yet another concern about the pollution hazard that telecom companies are causing, apart from the radiation risks from telecom towers.

On sharing telecom towers as a way to bring down air pollution as also the alleged radiation threats, which both Coai and Association of Unified Telecom Service Providers of India (Aupsi)–allayed as “unfounded and scientifically not proven,” Mathews said, “Already 70 percent towers have over two customers and the rest have three to four.”

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  1. 1). To augment Solar PV or Small wind turbine near the tower or away from tower needs an investment and assured PPA from Telcom tower owners in cluster.
    2). We can create a standalone projects designated to supply to Tower owner’s companies with PPA, counter signed by State or Central govt.
    3). Whatever the evacuation to the grid for standalone projects away from sites shall be paid by Telcom cos directly to the power producer, with a necessary fee to the govt for using its facilities.
    4). Our company can devise a plan to augment solar PV or small wind turbine (subject to dynamic vibration study / foundation check to its installed towers) with maintenance support after installation. All the investments shall be from Telcom tower owners.
    5). Let these tower owners sign PPA with Installation and Maintenance companies, invest and seek necessary depreciation or such FISCAL incentives from Government.

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