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Nagaland govt goes big way in installing solar power

According to reports, in the face of erratic electricity supply in the state, the Nagaland government has planned to install solar power facility in most of the directorate building of various departments within this year.

Although the department of new and renewable energy (NRE) wanted to install solar energy plates in all the 60 directorate buildings by end of March next the survey found that only 47 building are feasible to do so as the remaining one do not have spaces.

Speaking at installation of solar energy plates at chief secretary’s residence, director of NRE T S Angami said the Union ministry of new and renewable energy has allocated fund to Nagaland for commissioning 670 KW of solar power during 2012-13. As part of this project, the civil secretariat building and state assembly complex would be brought under solar power of 100 KW each while Naga Hospital would be fitted with 50 KW very soon, he said.


The department, which was created in 2009, has already installed 72 KW of solar power in many directorate buildings near civil secretariat as stand by arrangement. He asked the departments to take extra care so that no employees or office canteens use heaters from the solar power.

The director said in the next phase, the government offices at district headquarters would be taken up for solar power installation.

He also encouraged the private building owners to install solar power as the department is providing 30 per cent subsidy for this and engaged two private companies for installations.

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  1. These investment decisions to promote the business is ok. But, if these investments does not achieve the objectives declared during obtaining grant or funding from government, the officials must be accountable and we must take back money from them or the suppliers who agreed to supply and maintain. Otherwise, unviable installations will be a great loss to national exchequer. This applies to all government decisions / installations as it is public money.

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