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India’s Largest Solar HVAC System With Storage developed by Clique Solar Inaugurated at NTPC Energy Technology Research Alliance

Minister of Power, Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde, recently inaugurated India’s largest solar HVAC system with storage installed at NETRA.

While leading the nation’s power generation capacity, NTPC’s focus has been on developing cutting edge technologies which will help in cost reduction and environment protection. To this end, NETRA has set up a Solar Energy Research Facility at Greater Noida. As part of this facility, Clique Solar, a Mumbai based Solar Thermal company, has installed India’s first and largest solar HVAC system with storage.

The Solar HVAC System consists of two large paraboloid solar concentrator dishes (ARUN® concentrator) providing dry saturated steam at about 200kg per hour to a 50 TR (i.e. about 175 kW of cooling) Vapour Absorption Machine (VAM). In turn, the VAM supplies chilled water at 7°C to the local cooling units installed in various rooms. The distinguishing feature of the system is the storage tank that can store up to 2 days of chilling. Offices are generally closed on weekends. To avoid wasting the solar energy, this 2-day storage facility has been included. The stored energy can be utilized to deliver cooling in late evenings or to cool a larger area.

“The ARUN® solar concentrator is the most efficient solar concentrator, both in terms of thermal efficiency as well as land usage. Till date, we have focused on supplying solar steam generating systems for industrial process heat & mass cooking to replace expensive fuels like Furnace Oil, LPG, Natural Gas, etc. However, solar cooling too has an immense potential due to the natural match between the cooling requirement and availability of the sun”, said Mr Ashok Paranjape, Managing Director of Clique Solar.

One ARUN®160 solar concentrator delivers about 1 ton of steam per day, while occupying ground area of less than 10 sq.m. It can deliver steam up to 25 bars pressure or thermic oil up to 400°C. At NETRA, ARUN®160 delivers 8 bar dry saturated steam to the VAM.

Dr Shireesh Kedare, Director and Head of R&D at Clique Solar said, “This project has been commissioned well in advance of the scheduled completion date. Credit goes to the experience our team has gained through the various installations across diverse applications like effluent treatment, milk pasteurization, degreasing process in automobile factory, mass cooking, etc over the last 6-7 years”.

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