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Debar Moser Baer, says Tata group company

According to reports,Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd, a joint venture of Tata Power Company and the Delhi Government, has called for “debarring of Moser Baer Photo Voltaic Ltd for poor performance of solar projects.”

Tata Power DDL, (formerly North Delhi Power Ltd, in which Tata Power owns 51 per cent) has said in a letter to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, that it had awarded three solar projects to Moser Baer Photo Voltaic Ltd, a unit of the Moser Baer group.

“The performance of the solar plants installed by them has not been up to the industry standards,” the letter says.

The letter cites a number of failures, including failure to adhere to contractual timelines leading to “tremendous delay” in commissioning of the projects, poor engineering leading to “faulty design and frequent change in layouts”, quality of workmanship and high system losses leading to actual electricity generation being much less than the guaranteed generation.”

But what has irked Tata Power DDL is the “poor response to client’s complaints for rectification of faults” and the “weak operations and maintenance support”.

The letter has been copied to as many as 87 people connected to the power industry, including the officials of the Ministry of Power, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and the various state electricity regulatory commissions.

“We had been following it up with them (Moser Baer) for over one year but there was no proper response,” an official of Tata Power DDL told Business Line today.

However, after the letter was issued (on May 7), there has been some action from Moser Baer side. If the action is satisfactory “we may withdraw the letter,” the official said.

When contacted by Business Line, a spokesperson of Moser Baer said, “We have reached an agreement on resolving the issue and the same is under execution.”

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  1. You get what you pay….Indians are always looking for cheap price-best quality(without knowing & analysing the quality characteristics). Unfortunately that doesn’t function that way. So the dividend is that what Tata is now getting

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