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Infosys cuts electricity consumption by 32%

According to reports, Infosys said that as of March 31, 2012, the company has reduced the per capita electricity consumption by 32.67 per cent across all campuses and by more than 50 per cent in all new buildings.

The company said water consumption has been reduced by 22.87 per cent and greenhouse gas emissions by 25.67 per cent.

For FY 2013, the company has decided to reduce the per capita carbon intensity by 7 per cent as compared to FY12 and the per capita fresh water consumption from municipal sources by 5 per cent as compared to FY12.


  1. !)what was causing them to consume so high earlier?
    2)What actions were put in place to reduce and how did they measure authentically to claim such drastic reduction? 3)Were there reduction in employees or what are the reasons, area of such reduced consumption etc shall be uploaded on their web, which shall be a guiding tool to other corporate cos as lessons learnt etc
    4) what is the cost incurred to reduce the consumption of energy, carbon etc
    5). who identified the energy drain happening and what was the suggestion mechanism and at what level these suggestions were considered or woken up etc will enlighten the suggestion scheme and improvement of TQM and reward those who pointed out and who implemented the reduction in consumption as energy saved is much more than energy generated !!
    A very good effort and a wonderful achievement….

    • This happened due to some green measures taken by the Green Team of Infosys under Rohan Parikh. Every data was measured by electronic means and energy guzzling devices were revamped. Active power saving initiatives were undertaken across the board at all centres.

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