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TVS to make vehicles energy efficient

According to reports,two-wheeler major TVS is planning to come out with a slew of technologies that can make its vehicles more cost efficient.

Grappling with issues of fuel economy at an affordable price, TVS has incorporated engine and transmission efficiencies and energy conservation related technologies. This means, on an average, two-wheelers, which at present get a mileage of 40 km to a litre will see their mileage go up by about 20 per cent.

The first set of vehicles will be beta tested in September this year and after the necessary alterations, it will go into production and hit the roads in December 2013. Talking to Business Line, Mr Vinay Harne, President-NPD, TVS, said: “With these technologies, we have hit the right mix of fuel economy, energy efficiency and high power for normal and hybrid vehicles.” Also, the company has incorporated hybrid technologies that will enable a two-wheeler to switch between petrol/diesel and electric power, powered by its intelligent controllers, according to TVS officials.

Engine efficiency is an area increasingly focussed by automakers and TVS with its transmission efficiency technology that minimises losses in engine efficiency due to frequent change of gears is hoping to combat rising fuel prices that is impacting sales of two wheelers in India. The Indian two-wheeler industry recorded sales volumes of 13.4 million units, a growth of 8-9 per cent, according to ICRA.

According to company officials, energy conservation technologies have been incorporated in its bikes and scooters that would reduce aero dynamic losses, wearing of tires due to road friction and fuel injection related issues.

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