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Wind, Solar to power Gandhinagar’s mutli-utility centers

According to reports, in order to make multi-utility spaces in urban areas viable and add to the revenue of civic agencies,  Gandhinagar Urban Development Authority (Guda) plans to set up windmill-powered utility centers.

This unique utility centre will act as a bus-stop, have space for advertisement display, a small cafeteria and sitting space.

The centre will be powered by a small windmill and a solar panel and will draw little electricity from the main grid.

“We already have a model prepared of the same. The centre will act as a source of revenue for Guda. The advertisement will be lit from the power drawn from  wind and solar sources. On days when the unconventional power is not available, the center will have option to switch to grid power. But then the chances of the wind or  sun being absent simultaneously are few,” said chairman of  Guda Ashok Bhavsar.

Guda has already shared model of the multi-utility center with the urban development authority and nearby nagarpalikas. “The estimated cost is being analyzed. It depends on what combination of hybrid power should one go for while constructing these centers,” the chairman said.

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