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Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation goes green, taps solar power for electricity needs

According to reports, pushing its endeavour to become an environment-friendly civic body, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has floated tender to install solar power electrical system at Sardar Patel Building – AMC’s main building at Danapith. This development promises to shave a major portion of AMC’s electricity bills.

Earlier, civic body had recruited energy engineers and has already switched on its energy efficient street lights.

The tender, as declared by the municipal corporation, entails commission, installation, supply and maintenance of the solar power system at their Danapith office. The facility is rated at 25 KW photovoltaic capacity.

“We are shifting to a green sourceof energy to curtail our electricity bills. All electrical appliances will be run by solar power except air-conditioners,” said municipal commissioner Guruprasad Mohapatra.

Four other major electrical conversions are being planned on the same lines. “We want to switch to solar power in all of AMC’s main buildings,” said Mohapatra.

“Solar power at Danapith and west zone office of AMC at Usmanpura will be installed by AMC. The other two – Memco Sports Complex and Sardar Patel Stadium – will be converted by Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA),” he added.

As per officials of state electricity department, tenders for solar-powered Memco Sports Complex are already granted while the same for Danapith were recently invited. Tenders for ‘solar-ification’ of AMC’s Usmanpura office will be floated in two days’ time with Sardar Patel Stadium following soon after.

Danapith office of AMC, at present, utilises 1.25 lakh units electricity per month raking up a bill of Rs10.25 lakh, said officials of electricity department.

“With installation of solar power, we will be able to save around 4,000 units of electricity every month. A total of 25 KW solar energy will be generated and utilised. We will be able to save Rs1,500 of the electricity bill on a daily basis,” said officials.

The project will take around six months to complete. “June 20 is last date for interested parties to apply for Danapith’s tender.

Considering scrutiny, finalising, allotment of work and implementation, it will be six months before AMC’s Danapith office will run on solar power,” said officials.

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