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Suzlon Energy’s Ambitious $3billion Investment Plan for Wind Energy Projects in Mexico

According to reports, Suzlon Energy, one of the key wind power solutions providers in the world, has announced plans to enter the wind turbine industry in Mexico in the near future. Suzlon Energy manufactures products attributed to the wind energy industry like blades, generators, and panels. The company is dedicated to advocating sustainability and emission control on a global level. They currently employ more than 140, 000 individuals. Suzlon Energy is dedicated to moving the global community away from a dependence on nonrenewable energy sources, such as fossil fuels, to a new reliance on replenished or renewable resources, like wind, solar, or water power.

Suzlon is the fifth largest supplier of wind turbines globally and has been influential in spreading their sustainable energy industry in many different locations including Europe, America, Australia, Denmark, India, and the Netherlands.

Based in India, Erik Winter Petersen, the CEO of Suzlon for business in Latin America, announced their plan to introduce wind turbine projects in the Mexican regions of Baja California and Oaxaca.

They plan to invest around 3,000 million dollars in the upcoming wind energy projects in Mexico and have received interest from multiple companies looking to potentially partner with them in their forthcoming endeavors.

Countries like Mexico, Egypt and Morocco are anticipated to represent market potentials of around 10,000 MW in the next half a decade.

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