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“Solar will never succeed in India” : SK Jain, CMD,Nuclear Power Corporation of India

In an interview to a leading business daily, Mr S.K. Jain, Chairman and Managing Director, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) said he feels that there is no alternative to nuclear power. Coal is polluting, wind is uncertain and “solar will never succeed in India” given the dust levels in the country. (Dust settles down on solar panels affecting generation.)

Nuclear power is also cheap, he said, pointing out that in 2011-12, NPCIL sold 32 billion units of electricity at an average price of Rs 2.44 a unit. Mr Jain noted that the tariffs are little affected by either rise in fuel prices or factors such as the depreciation of the rupee. Fuel cost constitutes only a fifth of the cost of generation. Besides, fuel for several years is bought in bulk and stored.

As Panchabuta has reported earlier, the Solar Energy Corporation of India(SECI), formed primarily for executing the  Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM), is expected to be functional by June this year.

“The broad mandate of the company will be to help the ministry to implement JNNSM. It will be fully functional in another two months,” a Director Ministry of New and Renewable Energy had said earlier.

SECI is to execute turnkey projects, disburse subsidies under the JNNSM and set up grids in the energy deficient area for access.

The SECI is being headed by an eminent nuclear scientist Anil Kakodkar. However Mr. Kakodkar has earlier emphasised on energy generation from nuclear technology and from renewable energy sources like solar energy to secure energy for country’s future.

He has said safe nuclear energy that recycles used nuclear fuel and utilises thorium, viable solar energy that minimises land and water use, sustainable fluid fuels using nuclear and solar as primary energy, and fusion energy were key technologies for sustainable energy security.


  1. Can the NPCI Install a nuclear power plant in Ladakh? Mr Jain should go and ask the villagers in Ladakh how solar home lights have illuminated their lives at night after decades of darkness.what about the remote villages in india which would never get electrification by grid since its impossible to lay transmission lines.Solar Power is the best hope for these villages as can be seen in Chhattisgarh.We in india regularly tackle dust problem in everyday life so whats the big deal about dust deposition.Several MW Installations in India have brought down the cost of Solar Power Systems and soon it would be affordable to install in every household in india.

  2. Anil Babu Sharma

    Being CMD of Nuclear Power corporation, Mr. Sk Jain is not suppose to comment like this on the use of green enregy under a mission of Govt of India (JNNSM) with a great targets of setting up Solar power plants in India for 20000 MW to be achieved by 2020. As far as the dust is concern, it can easily be removed and has no problem at all. This type of statements issued by such a eminent and responsble very high dignity are very unfortunate and leading to create lot of confusion and misunderstsanding in public.
    On the other hand, the generation of Nuclear power is not only highly risky but the supply of source of fuel like thorium is under the control of some big developed contries like US and India will be in great trouble in future if depending on Nuclear power only.

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