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Power demand in Delhi touches new high

According to reports, the power demand in the city on Tuesday touched 4,717 mega watt (MW), the highest of this summer, even as various areas continued to reel under load-shedding due to the growing gap between demand and supply.

“The maximum power demand was recorded at 4,717 MW against Monday’s 4,619 MW,” said a Power Department official. The previous highest power demand was recorded on May 17, when it had touched 4,633 MW. The maximum demand in the city had reached an all-time high of 5,028 MW last summer and it is projected to reach 5,500 MW this year.

With the rise in demand, areas across East, West, North and South Delhi continued to face outages for up to two hours due to shortage of power as well as local faults in the distribution network.

“There was no power in our area for two hours,” said a resident of Palam in West Delhi. Power department officials, however, claimed there was no shortage in power, saying arrangements have been made to ensure uninterrupted supply of power during peak summer months.

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  1. Some of your readers who manage wind farms in southern Tamilnadu would know that on 25th May , windmills in south could not export any power for about 4 hours due to grid issues !

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