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Strategic conference to address role of Information Technology in building Indian Smart Grids

India has been referred to as a “SmartGrid pilot” incubator, and it’s pretty clear why. As an emerging economic powerhouse, India is third in the world for SmartGrid investment, and spending on Smart Grid, alone, is anticipated to increase from $1.1 billion today to $1.9 billion by 2015, according to Zpryme Research & Consulting.

While India’s GDP grew 6.9 percent in the third quarter of 2011 compared to the previous quarter — far exceeding U.S. GDP growth of  2  percent during that same period –  there are still more than 400 million people without power in the country. Given average transmission line losses of  50  percent, the prevalence of energy theft, and the fact that peak demand often exceeds supply by 7 to 11 percent, the need for a modernized “Smart Grid” is unquestionable.

To help stimulate economic growth, the Indian government is pouring money and human resources into the modernization, and development, of India’s electrical infrastructure — with the Ministry of Power’s (MoP) recent creation of the Smart Grid Task Force and the commitment to invest billions into the power grid.

“Smart Grid is not a luxury [in India], it’s a necessity,” said Mr. P. UmaShankar, India’s Secretary of Power, said.

Smart Grids India 2012, aims to address this potential through a series of knowledge sessions, panel discussions and case studies. The conference aims to look at evaluate the emerging role of smart grids in India and leveraging its latent potential to enhance the commercial viability of  power projects.

There are also sessions aimed at understanding the objectives of the Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme (R-APDRP) and its benefits to smart grid projects.

There will also be detailed sessions on role of IT and Smart Grids. This will discuss leveraging innovative and cost-effective IT solutions to propel smart grid projects to commercial success. There will also be sessions on smart metering and grid management.

A number of key stakeholders are expected to participate. Some of the key participants expected at the strategic conference include K K Agarwal, Member (Grid Operation and Distribution)- CEA, Y K Sehgal, Executive Director, Smart Grids-Power Grid Corp of India, Dr Pramod Deo, Chairman- CERC, Dr Ketan Shukla, Secretary -Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission,S K Negi, Managing Director, GETCO.

Smart Grids India 2012, 28-29 June 2012, Mumbai, India

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