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Bihar Government to make new policies on renewable energy: Modi

According to reports, Deputy CM  Sushil Kumar Modi, on Monday, said that the government was ready to make new policies with focus on solar, bio-mass and  hydro power. “The ITIs can be roped in for providing training and skills needed for  renewable energy projects,” he said.

Modi, while attending a business meeting on renewable energy here, said that the government was willing to take suggestions from the renewable energy experts and make changes in its policy, if required. He appreciated the efforts taken by  Greenpeace India in this direction.

Greenpeace India organized a business meeting on renewable energy here to discuss the demand for a strong solar policy with mandatory targets for renewable energy (RE) purchase.

Modi also said that there were lots of potential in renewable energy sector in the state. He also said that he would talk to banks for make a hassle-free system for granting loan to budding entrepreneurs.

The deputy CM also said that he would take the help of Greenpeace in making the banking process easier. Modi, who is also holding finance and commercial taxes portfolios, said that he would discuss this issue with bankers in a meet slated to be held on Wednesday.

Energy minister Bijendra Prasad Yadav said, “We need to look for solutions to provide technical support and after-sale service for success of RE projects.”

Yadav said that the government has already identified five districts for setting up solar water plants in which the Centre’s share would be 50 percent of the total amount while the state government would contribute the 40 percent. The remaining 10 percent would be given by the farmer.

The minister also said that there is lots of potential in husk power system instead of solar-based energy. The geographical scenario is fit for power through husk in the state.

The main purpose of this meeting was to get the renewable energy sector and the government on the same platform to discuss the challenges in the investment towards renewable energy in the state.

The energy experts and policy think tanks requested the government to frame strong policies on RE with focus on solar, biomass and other renewable sources.

The business conference was attended by energy head of  World Bank and president (strategy) of Moserbaer, Harish K Ahuja, executive director of Greenpeace Samit Aich, and others.

The renewable industry experts are hopeful that the government will take positive steps in this direction as both the ministers assured to look into the issue.

The two major points of discussion were driving investment for renewable energy in the state and developing manufacturing and service facility.

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