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C-Wet starts new wind assessment project in India

According to reports, Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-Wet), an autonomous R&D institution under the renewable energy ministry, has launched another phase of its wind assessment project. This phase of the project will measure the potential of wind energy at a height of 100 meters in 75 locations and at 120 meters height in 4 locations.

“The technology of megawatt class wind turbine has been changing all over the world. Anticipating taller towers with larger diameter rotors in the Indian market, we have now extended our assessment at greater heights in different areas to harness the potential of wind energy with the latest technology in India,” said Dr  S Gomathinayagam, executive director,  C-Wet.

This phase will also look for land availability through Geographical Information System along with a ‘land-use land-cover’ map, indicating the type of land cover which provides easy access to the wind power producers. It will also mark suitable land areas that are available for wind farming, using geographical instruments and applications like ‘Google maps’.

Currently, the project operates in 7 states — Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, while there’s a separate project for Odisha.

This project would calculate the potential of only on-shore wind sites. For offshore, however, there is one project in Tamil Nadu near Rameshwaram, measuring the wind energy potential at 100-meter height.

The Centre believes that this will attract a lot of new engineering, procurement & construction players and independent power producers in the wind energy sector. “This project will give direction to the industry and guide investors, policy makers and the government. Wind turbine manufacturers and power producers will have prior knowledge about the land, indicative wind at heights, hence helping them to choose a suitable technology,” said Gomathinayagam.

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