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Tamil Nadu government offers interest-free loan to promote wind power units

According to reports, seeking to attract more private players in wind power generation,  Tamil Nadu Government today said it would provide  interest-free loans for five years to new entrants.
“The government is keen on more private companies producing electricity from wind power… We are ready to provide interest-free loan for five years to those who want to set up wind power units,” Electricity Minister  Natham R Viswanathan told the Assembly.

Replying to a special call attention motion moved by the Left parties, he said private companies were already producing electricity in their wind farms which have 440 KW and 230 KW capacities. Asked whether the government had enough infrastructure to store the power produced, he said, “The government is working on the infrastructure.” Tamil Nadu accounts for over 42 per cent of the wind power produced in the country.

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  1. Very strange, the TN government doesnt have money to pay the existing wind farms who supply power to TNEB with payments overdue as long as a year and they talk of funding the wind farms! This will lead to more inefficiency and corruption! If they are serious about the industry, let them pay the dues on time, private investment is available in plenty, no need for government to chip in! Today the problem in TN is lack of confidence about the capacity of TNEB to pay and not the paucity of funds for investing in wind farms!

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