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Kakodkar for energy generation from nuclear and solar technology

According to reports, eminent nuclear scientist Anil Kakodkar today emphasised on energy generation from nuclear technology and from renewable energy sources like solar energy to secure energy for country’s future.

He said safe nuclear energy that recycles used nuclear fuel and utilises thorium, viable solar energy that minimises land and water use, sustainable fluid fuels using nuclear and solar as primary energy, and fusion energy were key technologies for sustainable energy security.

Speaking at a ceremony here, the former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission said the country needs more energy production but at present dependency is heavily  on coal, so other pro-environment options will have to be explored in near future.Kakodkar highlighted nuclear technology and solar technology as good options to meet future requirement of the country.

“For nuclear energy, the question is whether there is enough uranium in the world but no shortage of the uranium is foreseen globally.

“In our country, uranium is limited but if we use recycle technology, we can do better,” he said.

“Limited initial import of uranium backed up by domestic strategy can meet the projected requirement of energy without the need for additional uranium,” Kakodkar said.

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