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Azure Power to set up rooftop solar power project in Gujarat

According to reports, two days after the Chief Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, mooted a rooftop solar power generation policy, Azure Power, an independent power producer in the solar energy sector, has announced plans to develop India’s first megawatt (MW) scale rooftop project in the Gujarat capital. The company would set up a 2.5 MW plant at an investment of Rs 25 crore.

To be set up under the Gandhinagar Photovoltaic Rooftop Program (GPRP), this would be the first project of its kind in India wherein the energy from an aggregated rooftop portfolio would be sold to one off-taker. The project will also be attractive for rooftop owners through a revenue sharing arrangement for 25 years. Power companies having PPAs with the State Government will off-take solar power at Rs 11 per unit and pay Rs 3 per unit to rooftop owners who install solar equipment.

This way cities can become energy generators and power companies selling in cities can meet their renewable purchase obligations (RPOs), Mr Inderpreet Wadhwa, CEO, and Mr D. J. Pandian, Principal Secretary (Energy), Gujarat Government, said here on Saturday.

The model would demonstrate aggregation of 60-plus rooftops under a single project. The concept has the potential to tap into 1,000 MW of rooftop solar power across Tier-I and II cities, they said.

Azure Power was selected for this project through a competitive bidding process conducted by the Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI). The projects will include a mix of Government and private rooftops. This programme is expected to encourage public participation and increase solar power generation awareness.

Mr Pandian said the GPRP is expected to revolutionise solar power generation on rooftops in Gandhinagar and then in the State. Rooftop solar installations have a huge market potential in India.

Azure Power is targeting to achieve 100 MW of solar power generation capacity by 2014 across India.

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  1. Mr.Vijayaraghavan: Please upload the contract what GOG (GERMI)entered with these two cos. In south INDIA there is a scope to reduce this tariff. We can raise this issue in the next seminars and let us identify the buyers like Torrent, funding agencies like IFC, if the State govt are busy with polls or such inactions, without disturbing INDIAN govt frame work of rules.

    Everything, we cant’t leave it to administration, rather, we use media, to educate the mass and reduce the project numbers and create local companies to promote village entrepreneurs as the roof top shall be maintained by village boys with necessary training. We can make Gram panchayat or Zilla panchayat with the clear responsibilities (no political interference for Operation and Maintenance) rather build a solid PPP model with identified buyer of renewable energy at par to Grid supply. Let us not talk above Rs. 7.5/kwh till next one or two years. This will also attract many RPO to buy.

    We must identify low cost debt funding mechanism to promote small PANEL manufacturing units, thereby, we can support INDIAN industry and create pool of village talent to avoid HR turnaround or JET mileage points which is a great overhead and we can’t have AC cars / rooms everywhere. Therefore, we need to cut down these Operation and Maintenance overheads by promoting rural / village YOUTH with learned mindset.

    With IFC support our organisation with other small EPC cos, we can demonstrate the business model for long term sustainability while distributing the wealth to many small companies to bring down the costs, why only two or three Corporate cos, let us promote regional cos with good support from large corporate FRANCHISE model or subsidiary model to assure the repairs and maintenance so that Village Entrepreneurs need not become FLY BY NIGHT cos / agents, otherwise, good quality national assets can not be built.

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