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Solar powered water pumps to be set up in Nashik district

According to reports, the Groundwater Survey and Development Agency (GSDA) plans to install 18  solar-powered water pumps in the district, along with 82 electricity-powered solar pumps to enable lifting of water from borewells at the cost of Rs 2.95 crore.

Senior geologist from GSDA Trupti Kamble said, “After the successful running of solar-powered dual pumps at Daregaon near Malegaon, the GSDA has decided to provide solar-powered pumps to villages that have no power now. Eighteen such villages have been identified and will be provided with the scheme.”

The dual system borewell concept was designed to enable villagers to extract water from more than 120ft below the surface. “Though borewells are deeper, drawing water from this depth is difficult. For this, GSDA has introduced the dual pump system, which has 1HP submersible water pump,” junior geologist Yogesh Pachchhapurkar said.

The dual pump system included pipes, an electric motor and 5,000-litre storage water tank costing Rs 2.5 lakh and if the unit is solar powered, it will cost Rs 5 lakh. The same borewells are also recharged by using the rooftop water harvesting method.

The water collected in this manner during the rainy season is fed to a specially designed filter that blocks all impurities from recharging the well. This would help in consolidating the water table in the area.

Four villages in Malegaon, three in Baglan, two each in Trimbakeshwar, Niphad, Nashik, Peth, and one each in Surgana, Nandgaon and Sinnar have been included for the solar-powered projects. Dual pumps using conventional electricity planned for 82 villages will cost Rs 2.05 crore. “The central government will fund the programme under the National Rural Drinking Water Programme and the work on the project will begin by April-end,” the official said.

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