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Gujarat has 749 GW of renewable energy potential: TERI

According to reports, Gujarat’s overall integrated renewable energy potential is estimated to be around 748.77 GW. A study conducted by TERI, Gujarat’s potential for concentrated solar power (CSP) with water availability stands at 345.71 gw, solar photovoltaic (SPV) wind hybrid excluding CSP at 240.60 gw, only SPV excluding wind and CSP at 21.36 gw, only wind excluding solar potential at 139.21 gw and biomass at 1.89 gw.

“The overall renewable energy potential in Gujarat is very high, considering if all the identified suitable lands can be made available. For this there is a need to focus on developing guidelines and policy for prioritisation of the land utilization, which enables easy and early clearance of lands for the renewable energy projects development,” said TERIvice chancellor Leena Shrivastava.

On Friday, former Union Minister for Power Suresh Prabhu unveiled report ‘Integrated Renewable Energy Resource Atlas for Gujarat’, which is prepared by TERI and Sustainable Energy Foundation. Besides Shrivastava and Prabhu, Guajrat’s energy and petrochemicals secretary DJ Pandian, Moser Baer ED Ratal Puri and Hitachi Hi-Rel Electronics MD Piyush Shah addressed participants at two day Indian Solar Investment & Technology Summit in Gandhinagar.

“Based on the adaptability of this atlas, the same type of atlases can be developed for all the states having good renewable energy resources. The report is an interactive tool to help the planners and policy makers for promotion and development of renewable energy projects at large scale,” said TERI’s associate fellow and area convenor Alok Kumar Jindal.

The methodology for the study includes data collection on the previous estimates of renewable energy potential in the state, analysing those data, finding the shortcoming and need for its improvements and additionally the impact of technology development in to the actual potential. TERI contacted various government agencies and other relevant institutions data collection. The land use and land cover data of Gujarat were collected for the present year and analysed through the Geographic Information System.

The Energy-Environment Technology Development division of TERI focuses on development and propagation of products and services based on renewable energy technologies and resource-efficiency through multidisciplinary approach and close interaction with the user – community and industry. Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation works in the area of future of clean energy by supporting the design and implementation of policies.

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