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Pondicherry people to sell solar power to grid

According to reports, Puducherry residents  will soon “sell power”. The ministry of new and renewable energy is planning with the state government to install solar panels on rooftops of houses in Puducherry and excess power generated would be fed to the common grid.

Residents would get paid for excess production in summer and will be able to borrow power during rains for a nominal charge.

Speaking at an event hosted by British High Commission and Inter-national Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), director of solar radiation resource assessment cell G. Gridhar said:

“Net metering is in pipeline. Already, the project is taking shape in Thane, Maharashtra. This will help people export excess power to power-starved states.”

Emani Kumar, executive director of ICLEI-South Asia, said TN, Rajasthan responded quickly to the idea.

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