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Integrated grid will allow wind energy sharing by 2014 in India

According to reports,  power sharing is likely to become easier in two years when the southern  power grid will be connected to  the national grid, said Dr S Gomathi Nayagam, executive director of the Centre for  Wind Energy Technology (CWET).
Speaking at a two-day conference on renewable energy conducted by the Centre for Development Finance – IFMR he pointed out, “The northern, eastern and western grids have already been connected. Only the southern grid remains to be connected. This was delayed due to problems related to land acquisition.”
According to him, connection to the  national grid will speed up the process of power sharing and also allow  Tamil Nadu to pump its surplus wind energy to the northern grid. “Tamil Nadu makes surplus wind energy that it cannot use as the bandwidth of the transmission cables is not wide enough currently, especially in the rural feeders to handle a high surge of electricity that may be produced during monsoon seasons,” he said. “Wind energy is not stable, sometimes its blows at 6 m/second, sometimes at 20 m/s. But the cables connecting to the national grid will be a newer model with better bandwidth.”
This may also ease the congestion troubles voiced by chief minister  Jayalalithaa a few days ago over the delay in arrival of purchased power. She had told the media that although the state had purchased 500MW from Gujarat, only 203MW could be transmitted due to the limited corridor availability allotted by the central load dispatching authorities. The new transmission cables would ensure wider bandwidth with no intermediary connectors and transmission loss would also be low.

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