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Indian Railways to run trains on renewable energy

According to reports, in what could be termed as a commendable initiative on the part of Indian Railways to go green, it is planning to come out with programmes that would enable the trains to run on power generated from renewable sources of energy.

According to Union Minister of State for Railways KH Muniyappa, the Railways is in the process of framing such programmes, and it would be not too far away when our trains will run on clean energy. The minister was speaking at a meet organised by Bangalore Reporter’s Guild on Saturday.

Speaking about the plans, the minister said, “With the depletion of diesel and coal reserves, we are planning to run trains on renewable sources of energy. Prominence will be given to electrification. Through this pollution can be prevented.”

Earlier during the Rail budget, it was declared that Indian Railways was planning to go green by setting up renewable energy generation capacities, such as wind power, solar energy and bio-diesel plants for its own use.

As of now, there are various services where clean energy means and energy efficient technologies have already been in use. For example, more than 150 of the Unreserved Ticketing System machines employed in Railways are run on solar energy. Solar energy has also been employed for heating water in running rooms, and few offices also employ solar panels for electricity usage. The policy guidelines on renewable energy source use on the Railways includes solar energy for signalling, UTS centers, PRS centers, emergency lighting load at railway stations and for solar water heaters to be provided.

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