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Bihar CM’s residence to be solar-powered

According to reports, the Bihar government has decided to install a solar energy system at the official residence of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The sprawling campus of Nitish’s residence, spread over several acres, will be lit with solar energy. The move is aimed at popularising renewable energy.
Not only his office-cum-residence at 1 Aney Marg, but the adjoining area where the chief minister holds janata durbar, will also be lit with solar energy. The move, conceived by Nitish last year, has been given shape to convince the common man that solar energy is as good as any other traditional source of power.
“People take solar energy as a joke and that’s why I have asked the officials to opt for solar power at the chief minister’s residence-cum-office, so that the common man can gain confidence that it is as good as any other form of energy,” Nitish said sometime back, while addressing a meet on power.
In order to ensure that Nitish’s idea eventually sees the light of the day, the State Cabinet approved Rs 4.5 crore for the purpose. Once the solar system is installed at 1 Aney Marg, the dependence on the power-starved Bihar State Electricity Board for uninterrupted electricity at CM’s residence will come to an end.
As per the Census of India 2011, of the 1.89 crore families in the State, 82.4 pc depend on kerosene as the main source of lighting. Just 16.4 per cent of families are able to light their lives with electricity. Even in the State Capital only 57.1 pc families can afford electricity.

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