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Finnish company Switch introduces MW-scale inverter in India

According to reports, the Indian market for solar inverters seems to be having a magnetic effect on multinational inverter companies. Finnish company, The Switch, has just introduced its product in India – an utility-scale inverter meant for large solar farms.

A unique feature of the SunSwitch 1 MW single inverter, according to Mr C. Sundar, Key Account Manager – India, is that it requires no external cooling. It has an in-built cooling system and as such is suitable for “harsh ambient conditions”.

The Switch joins a long list of MNC-inverter companies. The other leading players in the arena are Bonfiglioli of Italy, SMA Inverters of Germany, American companies PowerOne and Satcon, and ABB. Wind companies such as Gamesa and Vensys of Germany are also keen on a presence here. Indeed, Gamesa is said to have just secured a big order for inverters. An announcement is likely in a couple of days.

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