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Madhya Pradesh, Kerala announce solar programmes

According to reports, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala have announced their solar programmes. Madhya Pradesh has announced a 200-MW solar programme, but with a difference. Under this, the developers can put up their projects in any State. Bidders may choose the size of their projects, but with minimum of 5 MW. They can be photo voltaic or thermal. But unlike the programme of other States, Madhya Pradesh follows the same local content requirements as under the National Solar Mission — crystalline silicon PV cells will have to be locally made, but thin film cells could be imported.

The Kerala Government wants to facilitate the setting up of 10,000 solar plants of 1 kW capacity each, totalling 10 MW, on rooftops. With “abundant sunshine but scarcity of huge tracts of land for solar PV or wind power plants”, the Government is looking to developing rooftops, says the Agency for Non-Conventional Energy and Rural Technology, a Kerala Government body.

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