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India’s Gujarat State to Release New Solar Policy

According to reports, India’s Gujarat state, home to the country’s largest solar program, will issue a new policy next month to draw more investments for sun-powered plants.

A solar policy issued in 2009 to invite companies to set up plants is being revised before further capacity is awarded, Venu Birappa, executive engineer of the state-run Gujarat Energy Transmission Corp., said in an interview in Jaipur today. She declined to give details as the policy hasn’t been completed.

The northwestern state was the first in India to issue permits to companies for solar projects, awarding 958 megawatts of capacity under its original policy. Of that, 455 megawatts of plants have been completed, Birappa said. Another 145 megawatts have been built and are awaiting connection to the grid by March 31, she said.

The remaining 358 megawatts of projects will miss the March cut-off and will be paid 33 percent less for the electricity they produce because the state-run power buyer has lowered the tariff to be paid to delayed plants, she said.

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