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Gamesa working on DIY (Do-it-yourself) rooftop system kits to generate power at Rs.5/Kwh

According to reports, Gamesa, is working on a— do-it-your-self kits for rooftop solar-wind hybrid plants.

An intense R&D effort is underway at Gamesa’s India headquarters in Chennai, where, on the rooftop of the building, the company has put up a demonstration 40 kW hybrid system, comprising four solar panels and four small wind turbines. It has cost the company Rs 1.7 lakh a kW, but Mr Ramesh Kymal, Chairman and Managing Director, Gamesa India, is confident that the costs could be brought down.

Gamesa’s experience has been mixed. The solar panels are working beautifully, producing 4-5 units of electricity a day per kilo watt. However, the windmills are not, and there is a useful lesson in it — which is that even on rooftops micro-siting is required. Mindful of vibrations and its impact on structural stability of the building, Gamesa just put up the windmills on end-points of the pillars. Consequently, one windmill is affecting the performance of the next.

Mr Kymal says power at Rs 10 a unit is easy and the effort is on to halve it. Gamesa, he said, is also working on a prototype of a small-sized solar-powered reverse osmosis plant that can produce clean drinking water. These plants, he says, could solve the water problem in villages. “Every village has a water source,” he said, “only the water is dirty.”

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