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Nissan mulls to launch its top-selling electric car in India

According to reports, India might welcome one of the world’s top selling highway-capable electric car in the coming years, as the Japanese carmaker Nissan is looking into the possiblity intoducing its electric vehicle, Leaf, into the Indian market.

“We are studying the feasibility of introducing Leaf in the Indian market,” Kiminobu Tokuyama, MD and CEO, Nissan Motor India, told Business Standard, adding, “Nissan is known for innovation. We have agressive product launch plan in the pipeline. Through our launch we will bring innovations also.”

Nissan is one of the leading player in the electric vehicle segment globally, selling over 21,000 Leaf in the last calendar year, mostly in Japan and the US. In India, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicle (MREV), is presently the the sole maker of electric cars with its Reva and expected to launch the second follow-up model, Reva NXR in the current year.

However, Tokuyama, refused to give a timeline for the introduction of the car into the Indian market, as it primarily depends on the kind of inititative government takes up to make the commercial introduction of eco-friendly vehicles viable.

“We still need some more support in infrastructure. We need more government support like subsidy to the consumers as it is given in some countries,” he noted.

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