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UN funds study for waste-free city of Ahmedabad

According to reports, after carrying out an intensive drive for efficient garbage disposal, city’s civic bosses are now working on a project for a waste-free Ahmedabad.

The project for preparing a roadmap for this purpose will be commissioned by the United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD). This is for the first time that a UN body has been willing to encourage the emerging agenda for a garbage-free city in Gujarat. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation ( AMC) will be implementing the agenda once it is prepared by the UN body.

The study will be commissioned ahead of the UNCRD June 2012 conference or Rio+20 that will be organized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the themes of a green economy in the context of sustainable development and move towards a resource-efficient and zero waste society.

The roadmap will address issues as to how to make the concepts of zero-waste society and resource efficiency a political agenda for the city. The project will also analyze as to how to make the process of garbage management a people’s affair by involving the private sector, research institutions, UN and donor organizations. The focus will be on creating a system that involves sustainable waste management.

The other crucial aspect of the study will be finding means of facilitating local authorities in the expansion of waste management-related services and infrastructure.

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