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IT and Renewable Energy will merge to create powerful new Infrastructure

According to reports, India will add another 241 million in working age population between 2010-2030. In the above context of demographic dividend, FICCI Young Leaders (FYLs) came up with the idea of studying the global Mega Trends and the concept of Third Industrial Revolution (TIR) by Jeremy Rifkin, Founder President of Foundation of Economic Trends, USA.

Speaking at the ‘Conference Mega Trends 2020: Shaping India’s Future’ here, Jeremy Rifkin said that the internet technology and renewable energies would merge to create a powerful new infrastructure for a TIR that would change the world.

He envisaged that in the coming era, hundreds of millions of people will produce their own green energy in their homes, offices, and factories and share it with each other in an “energy Internet”. The democratisation of energy will bring with it a fundamental reordering of human relationships, impacting the way we conduct business, govern society, educate our children, and engage in civic life.

Delivering his inaugural address, Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, dwelt on the key paradigms likely to shape the next decades – the quest for energy and food security, and the rise of Chindia (China & India) as economic powerhouse.

A White Paper titled “Mega Trends of the Emerging Third Emerging Revolution in India” was released at the conference.

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